Safety Rules


Safety is a priority at Cloud 9, therefore ALL customers MUST adhere to the safety guidelines, or risk being asked to leave the premises. If in doubt, please ask a member of staff.  You can see in more detail our commitment to health and safety here.



Customers must have signed an online waiver. There are no exceptions.

If you are under 18, your online waiver must be signed by your parent/legal guardian.  The adult enters all their details 1st.  It then asks if you would like to add a minor.  Select yes, add as many children’s details as you need, once done, press continue, sign in the signature box at the bottom of the waiver, then press accept.  Waivers last 12 months.



No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted. You should not participate if you are pregnant, have pre-existing injuries or health limitations.

If you are unsure please seek medical advice before participating.

You must be over 1m in height.

You must be under 18 stone/115 kgs.

You must have a valid coloured wristband.

You must wear grip socks at all times (no shoes).  You can bring your own grip socks or we sell them at reception for £2.

No sharp objects.

No face paints.

No eating or drinking whilst on the equipment.

Remove all objects from your pockets.

If you become tired/unwell please leave the equipment and see a member of staff.



Engage in any offensive behaviour, and unnecessary rough play.

Attempt anything outside of your personal capabilities.

Overcrowd the equipment.

Run in between the equipment.

Attempt to move any piece of equipment.



Look out for each other, especially smaller ones.

Certain activities have specific instructions.

Please refer to the specific guidelines at each entry point or ask a member of staff.





Do not start the obstacle course unless directed by a member of our staff.

Only 1 person at a time can jump off the Base Jump onto the air bag, and use the Giant Balls.

You must not jump off the Base Jump until the landing air bag is totally clear.

Do not jump head first off the Base Jump.  You must jump and land on your bottom with your legs out in front on you and ideally with your arms crossed over your chest and you chin held into your chest.

Do not start to cross the big red balls section of the obstacle course until the person in front of you is at the end.  If you fall off, do not try to get back on the red balls.

Do not stop and play inside the obstacle course otherwise you risk collision with other participants. 



Max 12 people.

No rough play will be tolerated.

No head shoots allowed.

You must be behind your dotted line before throwing a ball at the other team.

You cannot get out whilst in the Safe Zone (between the centre line and the dotted line)

You are out if either hit on the full (this excludes rebounds), an opponent catches your ball before it touches the ground or side walls, or you enter the other Team’s Zone.

However you are not out if hit anywhere above the shoulders.

The staff member’s decision is final.

Once out you must exit the arena and wait for your turn.



Only 2 at a time.

You must wear helmets provided.

Wait until both people are on the podium and ready to duel.

No unnecessarily rough play and no head shots allowed.

Once you have been knocked off the match is over.



Do not enter unless directed to by a member of our staff.

Stand on a red dot and do not go into the centre of the game.

Only one person per position/red dot.

The aim is to jump over the high arm and duck under the high arm.  No somersaults/flips allowed.

Do not stop the arms swinging on purpose.

Once you have been knocked over you are out.

If you would like to exit, please advise a staff member and exit safely without obstructing other participants.



Maximum 2 people.

Do not start until advised by a staff member.  

Stay within your lane.

Ensure bungeerun harness is secured before starting the game.



Ensure you do not have a shot a goal if anyone is standing in the way.

Be very careful if collecting balls.



Max 2 persons/side.

You must be wearing glasses or the safety googles provided by our staff before taking part.

Do now aim a loaded nerf gun at another person.

You are only allowed to shoot at the balls of the shooting gallery.

Allow the staff to load the nerf guns for you.



Can be played by up 2 or 4 people.

Wait until a staff member explains the rules.

No rough play will be tolerated.

Press your base button at the bottom of your staircase.  Run up the staircase and press your coloured button on the back wall.  Slide back down the slide.  Press your base button or your teammate who will press the base button and go again.  The highest score wins.  Slide feet first and on your bottoms.  No jumping off the top of the slide or running back down the stairs allowed.



Only 4 persons at any one time.

Wear appropriate clothing (ie long sleeves)to avoid friction burns.

Walk carefully up the centre staircase.

Lie down and slide feet first down the slide.  Cross you arms over your chest to avoid any friction burn on your arms.

Only 1 person can slide down at a time.  Do not slide until the slide is clear of all people.



Maximum 10 persons.

No rough play will be tolerated.

Be careful and watch out for others when playing especially jumping through/over/under obstacles.

Do not climb on the climbing pyramid if someone is above you.  You are only allowed to touch the top of the climbing pyramid, not sit on top.  Careful when descending, do not jump from the top.

Slide feet first down the exit slide.  Careful not to slide if someone is in front of you.



Max 12 people/6 a side.

Do not start the game until everyone is ready.

Only 2 people per pole.

Keep the ball below waist height.

No rough play will be tolerated.

The Cloud 9 staff member is the umpire and their decision is final.