Our Story


Our founders were parents of four children and strong believers in the physical, mental & social benefits of exercise, so were constantly searching for fun family activities, ideally that both kids and adults can enjoy.  This is even more important when it’s difficult to venture outside due to poor weather.  In today’s society, child obesity and health issues are on the rise, which is another reason they wanted to create an incredibly fun, yet active, healthy, and affordable offering.  It is so easy for kids not to exercise, partly due to the amazing array of technological gadgets available, and the increasing obsession with social media & TV on demand.  They wanted something that was so much fun, that people of all ages would be thrilled to put away their tv/social media.

All their families and friends loved seeing their kids have fun on bouncy castles and inflatable slides but wished adults could also join in.  They also loved TV shows like Ninja Warrior, Total Wipe-Out and Gladiators.  Hence they thought, why not combine both the fun and safety of inflatables with the thrill and competition of games like Ninja Warrior, Total Wipe-out and Gladiators………and hence the idea for Cloud 9 was born.