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Crowdfunding to Take Cloud 9 to the Next Level in Experiential Leisure

We are thrilled to announce that in August 2020, we finalised out fundraising via a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. The purpose of this funding is to open the first permanent and very spectacular Cloud 9 venue. We are so incredibly grateful for all the support we received from our family, friends, staff, customers, the general public and a number of very highly regarded professional institutional equity investors.

We also received some amazing PR coverage during the campaign including the Watford Observer, The Metro and The Evening Standard. 

Now that we have successfully raised the capital we need for a permanent venue, we plan to create the UKs most fun and exciting multi-purpose leisure destination. The venue will have a very cool interior design that will really appeal to adults, and include a great licenced bar, a café with a delicious food & beverage menu, a soft play for kids under 1 metre tall, unique private/party rooms and other fun interactive activities so customers will never want to leave.

Yes we agree that running a crowdfunding campaign during a Coronavirus pandemic, might seem mad, and made it more difficult, but the reason we did it was because:

  1. The earliest possible opening date for our first exciting venue will be December 2020/Q1 2021, when we believe the world will be in a much better place. The coronavirus will end, as with all periods of pain in history. It gives us time to plan and choose the right venue;
  2. We believe the current difficult times will present us with some fantastic property opportunities (much better than we have assumed in our business plan);
  3. People are always very keen for new exciting experiences (we have seen demonstrated in real life based on visits to a number of experience led venues since lockdown ended that have been very busy and everyone having a fantastic time);
  4. Cloud 9 can still make good profits even with Covid restrictions;
  5. The greatest investor of our generation (Warren Buffett) has always said, the best time to invest is when everyone else is scared. Great businesses often arise during times of adversity, ie Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp and Instagram all started during the last recession in 2008.

Now we press on with planning everything and securing the perfect spot, developing amazing mouth watering menus and gorgeous interiors. Watch this space for the latest news in how we are developing the first Cloud 9 opening in the UK. Prepare yourself for the next exciting development in experiential leisure. Sign up for email alerts to make sure you are one of the first in the know.